Fantastic Irony

The fantastic irony with field bred English Cocker Spaniels is they are both a great bird dog and a great pet. This is the balance the vast majority of our clients seek: full-time family pet that is great with kids and will go with them anywhere; then when taken afield can switch into high gear and be an exceptionally strong bird dog across a wide variety of game.

English Cocker Spaniels bird dog

We live with our Dogs,

we hunt with our Dogs

We have a demanding proving ground for our dogs. The English Cockers that make it to our breeding program are guiding with Jack from September through March each year at Highland Hills Ranch. They must hunt heavy, challenging cover for four species of upland game and be able to work independently, with others cockers and also behind pointing dogs. The rest of the year is where our cockers equally shine as pets for our three young kids as we camp, play and fly fish our way through spring and summer. This again is the great irony with field bred cockers: they are as good in the field as they are with the family in the home and on outdoor adventures.

Thoughtful Breeding

of the Highest Quality

The foundation for our cocker breeding program is based on three factors. First is sourcing dogs directly from the U.K. where the breed has long thrived. The direct-from-U.K. parentage in many of our dogs incorporates some of the finest field bred cockers anywhere in the world. Second is sourcing dogs domestically from field champion dogs and dogs selectively bred from U.K. parentage. Third and lastly, we breed the dogs we personally enjoy in the field and at home.

English Cocker bird dog