Cocker bird dog
“Wow! That Cocker was amazing to watch!”

I hear this a lot from the clients I guide at Highland Hills Ranch, a bird paradise and incredible hunting lodge in Central Oregon. Ironically, however, the comment is after a pointing dog lead Chukar hunt. I show my clients the screen of the Garmin GPS unit that was linked to the brace of English Pointers we’ve hunted over for the past several hours. “Holy smokes,” the client begins, “One of those pointers ran 15 miles and the other one did over 17!” I’m proud of the pointing dogs, they ran hard and did the job they were bred to do. But then the pointing dogs are back in the dog box in the truck bed, quickly forgotten.

The conversation almost inevitably returns to
“that amazing little cocker, boy could it hunt!”

While my pointers ranged to the front, sometimes in view and sometimes not, the pair of cockers hung out with us like little turbo-charged hunting co-pilots. They never stopped hunting, quartering the wind and instinctively targeting objectives. At the end of the hunt my clients often ask, “Can that little cocker ride in the truck with us back to the lodge?” It then proceeds to curl up in the clients lap and fall asleep, yes that same little dog that just hunted non-stop up and down rock and sage hillsides, thick milo and creek bottoms.

After cleaning guns and having a celebratory beer with clients, the pointers go back to the kennels. The cockers come back to the house with me. It is hard to describe the companionship and bond that you build with this very special breed of dog. I grew up with a Dad that field trialed English Pointers at the highest level and have been around great bird dogs for as long as I can remember. The cockers uniquely stand out in the crowd.

Simply put, we love them and that is why we breed them.

Jack, his wife Alicia and their three kids Ella, Pierce and Beckham live on land between Bend and Sisters, Oregon. The property was designed for the ultimate breeding and socialization environment for our dogs as well as the starting ground for their hunt and obedience training.

English Cocker family and kid dog